Day 162! ………………How Did We Get Here? (113)

“Nigeria military rejects Boko Haram jet, execution claims”

“The picture of a man beheaded in the video is superimposed,” he said without elaborating. “Our plane is still missing and we are looking for it. Boko Haram is just making unfounded claims.”

I know that we have not heard the last of the above Heading and Rebuttal from the Nigerian authorities. At least, Boko Haram has shown some evidence to support their claim. There is no evidence for the authorities’ rebuttal.

“Embattled Nigeria states halt travel over holiday threats”

These Northern states, Yobe Borno and Adamawa, are under lockdown during this most important Muslim ceremony because of Boko Haram. Shouldn’t Boko Haram be taking a break too? No, of course. They use occasions like this to perform their brutalities.

“US to Launch Border Security Program in Nigeria”

“A top diplomat says the U.S. will soon launch a major border security program to help Nigeria and neighboring countries fight the militant group Boko Haram.”

I just came across this news, and was about to jump for joy when I stopped to check the date, and alas! This happened on August 14, 2014. What happened America? Why have you abandoned us?

(We will continue.)

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