Day 163! ………………How Did We Get Here? (114)

“Report: ISIS Puts Literal Price Tags on Abducted Girls”

Above is a news that will definitely give Boko Haram the idea of doing the same thing as ISIS. If we can remember, Boko Haram had threatened to sell the Chibok girls as soon as the news of their abduction went viral. It is not clear now who is copying who, but the fact remains that ISIS or Boko Haram is the same to me. Both are working on the same agenda, hoping and fighting to take over the whole world a little at time. They have forgotten what happened to murderers before them who tried to take over the world, and failed. They will meet the same end, all of them.

“Boko Haram fears mean low key Eid celebration in Nigeria”

The Eid is one time that one would expect Boko Haram to give, even the adherents of their faith, a break, being that they claim to be Moslems and fighting the cause of Islam. But no, they crave large gatherings during such celebrations to show their bestiality.

“Nigeria: Military Reclaims Bama After Battle With Boko Haram”

According to a latest news, our Military is beginning to show their pulse against Boko Haram. This is good indeed, and we pray that it continues. However, another latest news tells us that Boko Haram is still undaunted in their pursuit of shaming the Nigerian Military, and cowing the Nigerian nation, as this following headline indicates. Nevertheless, I will keep rooting for our Military, and praying for them to win this battle. Boko Haram must be destroyed.

“Nigeria: Boko Haram Seizes Gulak Town”

No matter what they do, no matter what they claim happened, Boko Haram must be destroyed!

(We will continue.)

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