Day 164! ………………How Did We Get Here? (115)

“Nigeria: Report Chibok girl freed, identity doubts”

When the Nigerian police announced with fanfare the release or escape of one of the Chibok girls, I suspected that they were looking for cheap popularity, something to make us think that they are winning the battle against Boko Haram. Now, the doubt is deepening. The allegedly freed girl has still not spoken. She could be any girl from any other abduction other than that of Chibok. The police are not talking anymore, and it is possible that they will let this die down without any further mention.

“Nigerian parents mulling funerals for kidnapped girls: Brown”

I am happy to notice that the former British prime minister is still pushing for the release of our girls. Thank you Mr. Brown, and your efforts will never be forgotten. Efforts from many others who have remained resilient in pushing for the release of those girls will not be forgotten. The time seems nearing for all to be acknowledged and thanked properly. As long as there is hope that these girls will return, no funeral will be held for them. We do not bury people alive, and those girls are still alive.

“THE Nigerian government and Boko Haram are close to a deal on releasing 219 schoolgirls that the radical Islamist group kidnapped five months ago, according to media reports.”

This news here is a bit old, about two weeks old, but recently, President Jonathan, during his independence speech, reiterated it by promising that he is still working to free the girls. We are still praying that he does so soon, and that this should not be just a re-election ploy. These girls should not be used for political propaganda.

(We will continue.)

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