Day 165! ………………How Did We Get Here? (116)

“400 Boko Haram insurgents killed in battle to retake Bazza, Michika, Madagali “- See more at:”

This is fresh news, and you can read in full. Just lick on the link and it will take you there. Let’s continue to pray for the Military in their efforts to stamp out this pest called Boko Haram. I have a feeling that their assaults will end soon. I just hope that the girls will be found and released, that Boko Haram will not use them as a shield to get away, or as revenge kill.

“Fresh arms deal: S-Africa seizes another $5.7m”

First, it was $9.3 millions, and now another $5.7 millions. The Nigerian authorities who was silent about the first one, are now shouting fowl! They have now come out to own up for both monies, claiming that both were intended for buying arms to defeat Boko Haram. Really?! I am sure, they think that the mere mention of Boko Haram will be enough to convince us that the money is not stolen. If it is not stolen money, why were they trying to smuggle it out of Nigeria?

“BreakingNews 4/10/14 – Abubakar Shekau: Nine Lives Or Nine Liars”

Somebody is more angry than I am. This article is from a very angry man, disillusioned with everyone and everything. It is easy to feel this way about Nigeria after the blunder of the government and the Military. Let us hope that both will redeem themselves soon. The writer put two photos of Shekau, the alleged leader of Boko Haram, side by side, and they did not match. It is clear from the two photos that someone is lying.

(We will continue.)

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