Day 166! ………………How Did We Get Here? (117)

“Report on $10.8bn missing oil money ready Nov —Okonjo-Iweala”
“Initially, it was $48 billion, then $20 billion, but the figure we have always had is $10.8 billion.”

The whole world can now see what is happening to Nigeria’s oil money. These thieves in the government are bleeding the nation raw. Our Central Bank has become the private bank of these officials who walk in, withdraw money, and smuggle their loot out of the country. Most of the time, they are not caught, and the few times they are caught, they are quick to come up with excuses and reasons why the money was being smuggled out. Only God will save Nigeria from the hands of her thieves in high places.

“Lt. Col, 15 others to face trial over Chibok girls”

Finally, the Military is taking actions against the botched defense of Chibok when those girls were abducted. The news had it that the soldiers closest to Chibok were alerted of the assault, but they chose not to intervene. According to the latest news, the commanders of the soldiers who jettisoned their duty are now building up their defense to save their necks. At last, someone, or some people responsible for this failure will answer for their crime. It is a crime not to do the job one is paid to do.

“Five Reasons To Pay Attention to Boko Haram’s Latest Video”

The reasons given in this article clearly shows that Boko Haram is now getting help directly from Al-Quaida. They are becoming more sophisticated not only with their weapons, but also with their tactics. The world should really pay attention now before things get worse.

(We will continue.)

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