Day 167!………………How Did We Get Here? (118)

“Nigeria threatens South Africa over ‘frozen’ weapons deal”

It is very unfortunate for the Nigerian authorities, especially the government, to show so much weakness to the world. Boko Haram knows about this weakness. This is why they are beating the country bloody. Whatever happened to make the whole world refuse to sell arms to Nigeria, for Nigeria now have to buy arms clandestinely? It must be the fault of the people charged with negotiating for the arms.

Knowing my country men well, those charged, must have demanded not 10% but probably 60% as kick-back from the sellers. That is how things are done in Nigeria, but not with the rest of the world, and absolutely not with buying arms at times like these. The people charged with negotiating for arms are the real saboteurs. They are the ones causing this whole problem for the rest of us.

Going by the amount in question, it is clear that $9.3, or $5.7 millions, respectively, is just a drop in the water, compared to the billions we have been told was loaned to the Military for arms. Where is the rest of the money? Already shared out I am sure.

I am one of those that have advocated that South Africa keep that money. Nigeria must find a clean open way of doing business if they want to be trusted, or they will continue to suffer the consequences.

“Nigeria president rejects claim of $100 million net worth”

Look at the above headline. I heard that those who made this claim have since run for cover, without a trace. Very well. I will not comment also, but we all know that there is no smoke without fire. If the president want us to believe him, he must allow himself to be audited.

(We will continue.)

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