Day 172! ………………How Did We Get Here? (123)

“Protesters mark six months since Nigerian schoolgirls’ kidnap”

Six months is a long time for anyone to be held captive, and for the young girls of Chibok village, six months is simply living death. Those girls are now empty vessels, rubbed of all human feelings, rubbed of their existence, rubbed of their youth. May God hear our prayers for them, and keep them strong. Even broken vessels can be mended, as long as we can still gather the pieces. Those girls must remain in one piece, so that we can pick them up and put them back together when this is all over. God answers prayers.

“Woman found in Nigerian bush was not in schoolgirl group: source”

The lone girl, purported to have escaped from Boko Haram has now spoken, and according to her, she was not among the Chibok girls. She was abducted months before our girls. Her tale is a tale of horror as one would imagine. She survived her abduction, and days in the bush, after being left there to die. Our girls will survive too. Our payers cover them. Four more girls have been rumored also to have escaped. I have asked for caution about them too until we here their story.

“Cameroon vows to ‘totally wipe out’ Boko Haram”

Cameroon has shown with this, that they are more humane than Nigeria. The president of Cameroon told the world that when it come to human life, we should not be talking about money. The important thing here is that he got his captives back home, twenty-seven of them, by every means possible. Will President Jonathan take a leaf from this? I doubt it.

(We will continue.)

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