Day 184! ………………How Did We Get Here? (135)

“Boko Haram Spokeperson: Chibok Girls May Soon Regain Freedom”

These latest news keeps telling us that the girls will soon be released, and I want to continue to believe it. It doesn’t matter what game Boko Haram is playing, I know that the girls will be released. So, I will continue to pray for that release.

“Military doubts Boko Haram ceasefire, expects deadlier attacks”

While the talks continue, the Nigerian Military has suddenly started to doubt the sincerity of Boko Haram. They should have known not to trust those murderers. They should instead prepare to root them out by force now that it has become clear that Boko Haram has taken them for a ride. Boko Haram did not start their assaults on Nigeria to end up walking away empty handed. They came to destroy, cow the people, and rule. They will no stop their campaign until they succeed. It is left for the Military and the government to know when enough is enough.

“Negotiate or crush Boko Haram, Kwankwaso tells Jonathan”

Just yesterday, I was urging the Nigerian government to go all out and root Boko Haram out of Nigeria, girls or no girls. The government should by now know that the blood suckers will never stop until they achieve their agenda. And that agenda is to rule Nigeria. If they are left to continue at the rate they are going, they will only continue to inflict unnecessary damage to the country and people. They should be stopped now.

“Boko Haram sponsorship: No secret trial for Ndume”

We have always known that Boko Haram has sponsors in Nigeria. This man here is not the only one. The government should find them, all of them, and make them pay for the extreme loss they are causing.

(We will continue.)

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