Day 185! ………………How Did We Get Here? (136)

“Botched ceasefire with B’Haram damaging FG credibility – NHRC”

The intrigues surrounding the release of these girls is beginning to create new monsters. To think that some people are using this tragedy to enrich themselves is unthinkable. We hear that there are now many people claiming to have direct contact with Boko Haram because of the money involved, people wanting money to go through them to Boko Haram, but money that never gets to their destination. Boko Haram we hear is also changing their demands by the day, and so it is difficult to please them. An agreement was reached to release the girls last Tuesday which was botched. Another has been reached for today Monday which we know will also be botched. It’s a run around!

“At least 17 killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria”

Boko Haram is back to business as usual. Who says that they were ready to deal? Their actions are telling us exactly what they are thinking of the whole ceasefire masquerading. It is a merry go round. If they release the Chibok girls , then the government will be expected to negotiate the release of the newly abducted girls, and so forth, and so on. Who has time for that, to play with lives like that?

“Chibok Girls: How conflicting security reports scuttled ceasefire deal”

Right now, we don’t know who to trust or believe about this problem. Too many people are out there compounding the issue. Boko Haram is also playing these groups against each other, and using the confusion to delay the release of the girls. President Jonathan should open his eyes and take control of the situation.

(We will continue.)

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