Day 186! ………………How Did We Get Here? (137)

“Nigeria says violence does not threaten Boko Haram talks to free girls”

Okay, let us continue to believe, hope and pray that this is true. May the talks never fail. Please God, may it never fail. Let the result culminate in the release of the girls.

“Kidnapped women ‘used by Boko Haram on front line’: rights group”

This is no surprise at all. It has always been the modus operandi of all the Islamic trouble makers. They hit, and then take cover behind women and children, the cowards!
They kill and maim, but they do not like to die. They hide their identities, and yet claim to be men. I wish that Muslim women will rise and claim their rights and shame their overbearing and cowardly men. Men who treat women like objects, like chattels.

“Nigeria’s Boko Haram forces kidnapped girls into marriage: Human Rights

These murderers should know, or should be told that any forced marriage is no marriage. When, eventually, those women, forced into such ungodly marriages, regain their freedom, they will also be free from the shackles of such marriages. All is sham, Boko Haram is a sham.

(We will continue.)

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