Day 187! ………………How Did We Get Here? (138)

“A month ago, ISIS’s advance looked unstoppable. Now it’s been stopped.”

This news is very heartening. The world cannot standby and watch a gang of outlaws brag about taking over the whole world, and allow them to do it. I have alway stressed that people mightier than those murderers have tried in the past to take over the world and failed. More will try again in the future, and will fail because we never learn from history. I pray that ISIS and Boko Haram, as well as those who sponsor them, will be wiped out from the face of the Earth, that members of suck groups will not be given a fair trial in the courts of law, that their trial will be by fire and brimstone, just as they did to their captives, and to women and children, that if they are tried, it will be by a jury of all women, especially women that have been through hell in their hands.

“Defection: PDP asks Tambuwal to resign”

Nigeria will never stop showing her ugly side to the world. This was a man that was elected, sorry, chosen on the platform of a party that gave him his job as speaker of the House, who without resigning from his party, defected to another party, still sitting on the job, a post that belongs to the party he deserted, and waiting to be told to resign. Shouldn’t he have resigned before defecting? Next, we will hear that he is refusing to resign, and if he glares his eyes enough, he will be left alone to keep his job. We have a crazy country of very crazy and sick people.

“Negotiations still on to release Chibok girls — FG”

We continue to hope so, and to pray so.

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