Day 196! ………………How Did We Get Here? (147)

“Boko Haram ‘takes five municipalities’ in Nigeria’s Adamawa state”

I am beginning to get tired of reading and writing about Boko Haram’s exploits, especially their winnings. Very soon, I will begin to ignore it, as anything other than releasing the girls should not be news at all. Just as they are ignoring the pains of the girls and their families, and forging forward with more killings and destructions, I will like to urge the world to ignore them forthwith.

“Was Nigeria’s government hoodwinked over Boko Haram ‘truce’?”

I hope the Nigerian government has learned their lesson. With Boko Haram, you do not deal, they do not deal, so we should not deal or hope to deal. If the government is not ready for an all out war against Boko Haram, they too should begin to ignore the activities of Boko Haram, and just allow them to go ahead and over-run the country. This is their aim after all.

“Tambuwal storms court with 68 lawyers”

Tambuwal the jester! This man is laughing at us, and definitely not with us, for we are not laughing at all. How can anyone laugh at the crime of this man? But, he thinks his actions are funny, and deserved a good laugh. Let’s wait and see who laughs last.

(We will continue.)

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