Day 197! ………………How Did We Get Here? (148)

Headlines! Headlines!! Headlines!!!

Below are headlines about Boko Haram that speak for themselves. See what you can make of it.

I have no comment!

“Probing fake ceasefire with Boko Haram”
“Inside the Vigilante Fight Against Boko Haram”
“Nigerians flee as Islamic extremists dig in”
“Bombing rocks NE Nigeria bank as governor calls for more troops”
“Boko Haram: We’re in danger in Adamawa -Ngilari”
“Boko Haram may overrun Adamawa, Gov cries out • Begs military for more troops”
“Boko Haram casts shadow over Chad’s economy”
“Impeachment: Embattled Tambuwal takes case to divine court”

I cannot help commenting on this joker of a man. You all remember him? He is the one who crossed party lines, and has refused to resign from the post that belong to the party he deserted. Yesterday, he took forty-five lawyers to court to plead his case, today, he is taking his case to God. At least, we know that the pressure is on him to resign.

(We will continue.)

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