Day 198! ………………How Did We Get Here? (149)

I am tempted again today to just show the headlines with no comments from me, but a word or two on each headline might be necessary.

“End of road for Boko Haram chief sponsor”

Strangely enough, a Lagos judge condemned this unnamed man to 10 years in prison with hard labour. What I know is that this man is only a scape goat, not the sponsor or the sole sponsor. They should find the others and prosecute them. (Boko Haram financier bags 10 years imprisonment)

“Military Plans ‘Operation No Mercy’ against Boko Haram”

About time! For months now, I have been advocating for this, that the Military do an all out sweep to flush Boko Haram out, girls or no girls. Let’s hope that the Military will put their guns where their mouths are and get to the business of freeing Nigeria from the Boko Haram’s pest.
“Nigeria’s Fight against Boko Haram Amid Western Hypocrisy”
The West has paid lip service to Nigerian’s Boko Haram problem so far, that when we hear them say they will help, we begin to suspect that they are asking for a ransom. Otherwise, why are they just standing by and watching Boko Haram barrage Nigeria? Or do they just enjoy seeing Nigeria humiliated?

“Only God, Reps can unseat me –Tambuwal”

This joker again! Does he know what it means for God to unseat him? If he is ready to die, he should go away quietly and do so, without holding anyone responsible, but he alone for dying.

(We will continue.)

2 thoughts on “Day 198! ………………How Did We Get Here? (149)

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